Data Analyst Resources – Tools of the Trade

Free Tools and Resources for Data Analysts

3d Clipboard

Saves your past clipboard copies. This makes it easy to find and store text and images you will need to reference and paste later. Also allows for keyboard shortcut triggered pastes like email addresses you often have to type, formulas, datasets, header columns, etc.


Macros for all of windows. Allows you to build keyboard shortcuts to do any command. Commands can also be triggered by other things like time, opening a file, mouse clicks, or typing a series of keys. Fairly easy programming language to learn. Extremely flexible and powerful tool.

Excel Shortcuts

F9 – refresh

Ctrl+D – copies above cell down

Hold shift down to highlight ranges

Ctrl+end – move to last cell in row with a value

Ctrl+home – move to first cell in row with a value

Ctrl+pg up/down – move to first/last cell in a column with a value




Easy to use screenshot and screenshot editing tool. Makes it easy to snip pieces of your screen and has great tools to highlight, arrow point,


SQL Management Studio

Tips and Tricks… for writing sql queries

MS Outlook, email, calendar, etc.

GoDaddy hosting (affiliate)


Custom Ribbon

Shortcut keys

Tips and tricks..

Pulling data from SQL, OLAP, BI Cube, excel, etc.

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